February 9, 2014

documenting my day

so I've been trying forever to document my day, but I kept forgetting to take pictures, so today I was determined to take at least enough pictures to blog about, so here they are. I worked today so not the most interesting day. I work as an assistant nurse so yeah, let's go
1. work up at 7:15am / 2. snoozed to 7:30am / 3. gave my mom her mothers day gift
4. finally changed / 5. eat breakfast / 6. at 8am we had to go
7. my dad drove me to work and it was raining / 8. got to work at 8:20 (shift starts 8:30) / 9. coffee is my new best friend
10. lunch / 11. 3pm and it's time to go home / 12. finally home


  1. Anastasiia2/10/2014

    interesting post <3 do you like your work? i bet it's not an easy one!

    1. thank you :) yeah, I actually love my work, there are days were I just want to go home and sleep, but then there are day where I don't want to go home ^^